Tullulah's Chicken and Waffles

A Little History on the Chicken & Waffle Dish

Chicken and waffles is a popular dish that combines sweet and salty flavors. The savory taste of fried chicken pairs perfectly with the sweet flavors of maple syrup and the soft texture of waffles. If you’ve ever wondered about the history of the chicken and waffle dish, keep reading.

Let’s start with fried chicken. Fricassee was the earliest form of fried chicken. Fricassee was fried chicken pieces braised in sauce. This dish was typically served during the medieval period. It required fat, meat, and an iron pot. After the days of fricassee, fried chicken appeared in the popular American colonial cookbook “The Art of Cookery” as brown fricasey. During the Civil War, fried chicken was included in care packages assembled for soldiers.

Next up, waffles. Waffles date back to the Middle Ages as communion wafers made by bakeries for churches. Then, in the 1790s, Thomas Jefferson visited France, bringing back a French waffle iron. This started a small waffle craze, causing the kitchen tool to spread in popularity across the states.

Fried chicken and waffles have long histories apart. Their history together begins in the 17th century. A version of chicken and waffles first appeared in Pennsylvania Dutch country during this time. This version included pulled chicken and gravy placed over waffles. Then, in 1938, we saw chicken and waffles make an appearance as a way to serve late-night musicians a meal that combined dinner and breakfast. By 1975, Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles was founded, and fried chicken and waffles were solidified as a food-lover’s favorite.

If you want to try chicken and waffles for yourself, order up this entree at Tullulah’s Restaurant & Bar. Our chicken and waffles are sure to satisfy your appetite. To place a curbside pickup order or delivery, give Tullulah’s a call at 631-969-9800 today!




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