Spring Cocktail Menu

Spring Cocktails 14

The Tullulah's Old Fashioned

Rye whiskey, demerara sugar, muddled lemon & orange peel, angostura bitters, cherry bitters

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly pea tea infused vodka, apple liqueur, lemon, simple, lavender water, ginger beer

Calor Fresco

Tequila, cucumber & serrano pepper shrub, ginger liqueur, lime, absinthe rinse, grapefruit bitters

Little Rumaway

Rum, overproof rum, lime, passion fruit simple, cherry, creole shrub, peychaud's bitters

Docta Feelgood

Turmeric infused mezcal, lime, lemon, apricot liqueur, branca menta, mint simple, apricot preserves

Big Kahuna

Coconut washed bourbon, dubbonet rouge, apple brandy, pineapple liqueur, orange bitters

Madame & The Mistress

Gin, luxardo, maraschino liqueur, hibiscus simple, cherry bitters, cherry & lime foam, rose water

French 93

Gin, lemon, strawberry puree, citrus simple, orange blossom water, prosecco, lemon sherbet cube

Mrs. Wilson

White rum, guava nectar, lime, falernum, mint simple, peychaud's bitters, pamplemousse

Boise Will Be Boise

Raspberry gin, egg white, licor 43, lemon, raspberry preserve, limoncello


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