Summer Dinner Menu

Truffle Arancini 10 v

Panko-fried arborio rice balls, manchego, white truffle cream sauce

Mac N Cheese 13 v

Elbow pasta, smoked gouda cheese sauce
Add pork belly $2

Chorizo 14 g

Sauteed Spanish-style sausage, sriracha aioli, brown sugar glazed apples, scallions

Crispy Burrata 13 v

Panko-fried burrata, tomato jam, truffle oil, white balsamic reduction, toast points

Beet Salad g/v

Roasted beets, spinach, candied sunflower seeds, dill, mint, spiced tahini dressing

Nicoise Salad 15 g/v

Gem lettuce, conft tomato, french green beans, pickled red oninos, olive puree, jammy sous-vide egg
Add tuna $10

Walla Walla Onion Dip 13 v

House-made potato chips, hog farm crudite

Clams Casino Fritters 9

Cherrystone clams, crispy bacon, red bell peppers, curry aioli

Shishito Peppers 9 g/v

Blistered shishito peppers, sea salt, lemon

Meat & Cheese Board 22

Napoli applewood salami, manchego, goat bucheron, pickled red onions, house-made pickles, lingonberry jam

Meat & Cheese Board Additions

Pickled chiles $4 Pickled fennel $4
Brie $3 Burrata $4 Great Hill Farms blue $6 Big John cajun spiced cheddar $6 Kilchurn onion cheddar $4
La quercia prosciutto americano $8 Benton's Ham $9

V: Vegetarian G: Gluten Free

* Consumption of raw or undercooked meat and shellfish may result in foodborne illness.
All dishes are made to order. For Vegan options please call ahead.

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