Fall Dinner Menu

Parsnip Salad 11 v / g

Shaved parsnip, fried capers, cara cara orange & meyer lemon segments, citrus zest, olive oil, micro basil

Kale & Farro Salad

Kale, farro, dried cherries, pecans, agave vinaigrette

Lemon Hummus 9 v

House-made tahini, calabrian chili, english cucumbers, grilled bread

Truffle Arancini 9 v

Rice balls, manchego, white truffle cream

Baked Brie 10 v

Apricot jam, garlic confit, toasted almonds

Dates 12 g

Bacon wrapped dates, grafton 1 year cheddar, pear mostarda

Crispy Burrata 12 v

Spicy tomato jam, truffle oil, white balsamic reduction, toast points

Mac N Cheese 12 v

Elbow pasta, smoked gouda cheese sauce
Add pork belly $2

Chorizo 13 g

Spanish style sausage, sriracha aioli, brown sugar glazed apples, scallion

Mushroom Tartine 14 v

Mixed roasted mushrooms, madeira wine, roasted shallot, mascarpone, grilled bread, burgundy truffle, pecorino, scallion

Meat & Cheese Board 21

Napoli applewood salami, manchego, goat bucheron, pickled red onions, house-made pickles, cranberry jam

Meat & Cheese Board Additions

Dehydrated seasonal fruit $3 Calabrian red chiles $4 Pickled brussel sprouts $4
Brie $3 Burrata $4 10 yr Pecorino $6 Great Hill Farms blue $6 Prairie breeze aged cheddar $6 Kilchurn onion
cheddar $4
La quercia prosciutto americano $8 Benton's Ham $9 Olli guanciale $9 Hudson Valley duck prosciutto $10

V: Vegetarian G: Gluten Free

* Consumption of raw or undercooked meat and shellfish may result in foodborne illness