National Bartender Day Dec 8th

Bartenders are the backbones of any bar. They serve guests, entertain attendees, and mix delicious drinks. This December 8 is National Bartender Day. Celebrate your local bartenders by visiting Tullulah’s.

The history of bartenders dates back to the 1400s. During this time, bartenders were actually also innkeepers. Throughout Europe, innkeepers doubled as bartenders when serving their guests’ homemade ales and spirits.

In 1862, the first-ever drink book was distributed in the U.S. This book was written by Jerry Thomas, a popular American bartender and saloon owner. This book is titled “The Bar-Tender’s Guide.”

Did you know that bartenders worked during the Prohibition? During the 1920s, the bartending profession was alive and well in the underground. During the time of speakeasies, the gin and tonic was even created.

This December 8, celebrate National Bartender Day by honoring your bartenders. When you order a drink at the bar, leave an extra tip. About 55 percent of a bartender’s take-home pay comes from tips, so leave them something a little special to help them out. Another way to celebrate National Bartender Day is by trying a new cocktail at your local bar. Ask your bartender to recommend you a drink or see if they have a specialty.

At Tullulah’s, we have an incredible cocktail menu filled with delicious drinks you will be sure to love. We have our own version of the Old Fashioned, a Thai Guy cocktail with a tequila base, a Tickled Pink cocktail with a gin base, an Oh Cyrus with a masala chai mezcal base, and so much more. We hope to see you here on December 8! We are located at 12 4th Avenue in Bay Shore, New York.




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