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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Throwing a wedding requires a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re planning a wedding rehearsal dinner, don’t forget to have fun with it. Here are some wedding rehearsal dinner ideas.

First, personalize your wedding rehearsal. You can put your own personal spin on every part of your wedding. When putting together the dinner, consider themed linens that capture the overall vibe of your wedding. Go light on the decor, only using items that feel the most appropriate for the evening. Consider the wedding rehearsal decorations as the preview for your actual wedding.

Next, be inclusive. Standard rehearsal dinners are limited to just the wedding party and immediate family but don’t be afraid to open up the list to friends and extended family. If you have people coming into town for your wedding, you can spend more time with them this way. The rehearsal dinner is an excellent time to bond with the people closest to you before things get too hectic.

Your rehearsal dinner can be a special moment between you and your loved ones. During the rehearsal dinner, think about asking guests to shore short speeches or toasts. This is an excellent idea if you have guests at your rehearsal dinner who will not be speaking at the wedding. You can also share a video or slideshow made by you and your fiance to celebrate the evening.

Encourage mingling at your rehearsal dinner. It is possible that your wedding parties or families don’t know each other that well. During the actual wedding, you want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun. Encouraging your guests to get to know each other at the rehearsal dinner can make the energy at the wedding more friendly and familiar.

Now that you have some wedding rehearsal dinner ideas, you are ready to make your reservation. Consider Tullulah’s for your wedding rehearsal dinner location. We offer a delicious menu and an inviting atmosphere, so call us at 631-969-9800 to book your reservation today!




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